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Hello and welcome to Simmerdim Design

My name is Sally and I’m behind Simmerdim Design, my range of stained glass artwork. I live in the picturesque town of South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, known for it’s 3 famous bridges. I’m originally from Orkney, a beautiful island at the north of Scotland and my island childhood still has a big influence on my designs today. I work from home in an attic space above my kitchen which has affectionately become known as “The Peedie Studio”. Peedie is the Orcadian word for little and it certainly is.

I have always loved glass and how it changes and reflects in the light, especially when the sun shines through the colours! I enjoy playing with textures and colours of glass to make something unique. I love to make copper foil sun catchers taking inspiration from nature and my surroundings. Everything is made by hand so every piece is different.

The name Simmerdim comes from Midsummer when the nights in Orkney are short and it doesn’t get totally dark. A few years ago at midsummer I decided to do “something” with this new skill I had learned and Simmerdim Design was born.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions please get in touch.


Here is a short video of me showing the making process from start to finish.